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Raices invites you to cross a bridge between two worlds

We present to you a publication that is, for many reasons, exceptional: Raíces, una revista judía de cultura (Raíces [Roots], a Jewish Cultural Magazine), published in Spain by LIBROS DE SEFARAD, SL since 1986.

The pages of this quarterly magazine contain the best information, excellent articles and rigorous opinions on Jewish cultural life in Spain and in the world.

Raíces addresses itself to readers of opinion magazines and to all those who are interested in Judaism and wish to become better acquainted with the Sephardic culture. Judeo-Spanish arts, literature, history, language and thinking are its domain.

Raíces promotes a more tolerant world and opens up as wide as possible the circle of what is its own, be it Jewish or Spanish, providing the keys to a better understanding of the world we live in.

Raíces is the only Spanish publication on these subjects, and one of the few in the world. Among the authors of its articles number researchers and specialists in the most varied humanistic disciplines: history, literature, linguistics, social sciences, visual arts, music, theater, philosophy, religion... All the articles are written specially for the magazine or else are offered in their first translation into Spanish.

Raíces is distributed in the Jewish communities of Spain, Portugal and the American continent, as well as to subscribers in all of Europe and much of Spanish America and the United States. In Spain, subscriptions extend to all of the provinces, in addition to sales at newsstands and bookstores. The Spanish Ministry of Culture distributes copies to all public libraries, and the Israeli Embassies do likewise in Israel and in Jewish associations of Spanish America. The electronic edition is being published since the summer of 2001.

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Raíces - Un puente entre dos mundos
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